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Monday, 3 October 2011

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What happens when you take 4 pissed off anarcho musicians from Australia and throw them in a blender with instruments? You end up with Disease Process. A hurricane of noise that is inspired by 80's UK hardcore, raw crust and black metal. Should we even be surprised? It's like Australia is a grindcore goldmine for the past 15 years. Disease Process is no exception.

This reminds me of Warsore except more fucking insane. 8 songs clocking in at 12:05, "Thrown To The Wolves" begins with a 21 second yell over a barrage of d-beat blasting insanity and guitars that sound like possessed chainsaws from hell cutting down ugly trees. "Shallow Graves" picked right up between dual vocals fighting over nonstop blasting and riffs that destroy any coherent thoughts, until going into a blackened grind tirade before ending. Other notable tracks on this album "Martyr Blood" a perfect blend of hardcore and black metal vocals being transformed into an instant grindcore classic. If music were weapons Disease Process' self titled debut would be a nuclear missile, and you'd be fucking vaporized.

My only regret is that I didn't get to post this as soon as I received it. The only downside to this is that I'm impatient and am awaiting another release. I'll go and say it, best fucking grindcore album of 2011, hands down. Download this now!

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Disease Process Self titled debut cassette.
8 Tracks of Raw Anarcho - Grindcore / Black Metal.

If you like it please support the band.
cassettes are $5 + postage

Disease Process join friends Suffer, Cuntscrape, Extortion & Blood Duster
along side many others for Bastardfest 2011
Debut 8 Track Cassette Available now
AUD $5 + Postage & Handeling

Anarcho-Grindcore outfit DISEASE PROCESS draw inspiration from the late 80s UKHC / Grindcore. Old school raw Black Metal & Crust, to create their own brand of nihilistic audio warfare.
Savage Buzz-saw riffing & cold Nordic melodies tangle with relentless Blast & Dbeats only accentuate the Anarcho-political ideals & misanthropic social views spewed forth with such seething hatred & contempt